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Wealthy HOMES Podcast

Wealthy HOMES Podcast

Welcome to the Wealthy HOMES Podcast. In this podcast, we help young Michigan families manage their finances, and create wealth. We cover everything from personal budgets, to investments, to insurance, and everything in between. Be a fly on the wall during conversations from not only an independent financial advisor, but other financial professionals from around Michigan. What's the goal? To give you relevant and actionable financial knowledge to better yourself, and your family.

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The Wealthy HOMES Podcast Host

The Wealthy HOMES Podcast Host

Connor Bauserman, ChFC®

Connor is one of the financial advisors here at PFG. One of Connor's main specialties is getting people on track for retirement and helping them create wealth. As a firm, we saw the need for financial planning for younger families and we felt a podcast was great way to teach and educate families. Connor has a partnership with Consumers Professional Credit Union to provide financial services for their members and was also named an Investopedia 100 Top Financial Advisors of 2023. 

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Disclaimer: Any guests interviewed on this podcast have their own views and opinions, and does not necessarily represent the views of Connor Bauserman, or Preferred Financial Group. The content has been made available for informational and educational purposes only. Please consult with Connor Bauserman, or another licensed financial advisor and/or tax consultant before making a financial decision. Securities and Advisory services offered through Harbour Investments, Inc. Products and services provided 1) are not NCUA insured 2) have no Credit Union guarantee; 3) may lose value. Consumers Professional Credit Union(CPCU)/Marshall CCU, and Harbour Investments, Inc. are separate and independent companies, and Credit Unions are not providing securities services. SIPC provides important protections against certain losses if a SIPC member fails financially and is unable to meet obligations to its securities customers. SIPC protection IS NOT the same as coverage provided by the FDIC or NCUA. Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) DOES NOT protect against losses from the rise or fall in market value of investments. Please review the fee section of any prospectus or policy for any products discussed within this podcast. Note: Connor Bauserman is not an employee of CPCU. Connor provides financial services for their members, but is an advisor under Preferred Financial Group, licensed through Harbour Investments, Inc. Always seek the advice of Connor Bauserman, or another qualified financial professional with any questions you may have regarding the Wealthy HOMES Podcast.

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