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"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." – Steve Jobs 

How We Work

Here at PFG we are independent advisors. We don't have to hit sales quotas or sell certain products demanded by our broker dealer. We are able to use multiple fund companies, annuities, or advisory services to help serve our clients. This allows us to help people save for their first time or whether they are an everyday millionaire.

A question we get often is: "How are you paid?" A lot of times this depends on the type of account, account size, time horizon, risk tolerance, and services provided. Below are two main examples of how we get compensated.


This is generally in the form of a front-load charge. We typically use this strategy for our younger clients or client accounts with long time horizons. We do this because it is generally a cheaper way to invest, especially when accounts are grouped at a fund company to earn breakpoints. After you pay the one-time fee, you will pay a much smaller annual fee (called a 12b1 fee, expense ratio, or "trail").

These accounts fall under the "buy and hold" strategy.

Advisory Fee-Based

We use a fee based account for accounts using comprehensive financial planning and/or accounts that need more attention. Most accounts start around a 1% fee of assets held under management. Typically, these are accounts for people in or very close to retirement that need a closer eye over their investments.

These accounts fall under an "active management" strategy.

Financial Planning

Retirement Income Plans

Tax Plans

401(k) Planning

Roth IRA

College Plans

Estate Plans

Financial Savings Plans

Pension Alternatives



Common Stock

Mutual Funds

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's)

Fixed & Indexed Annuity

Brokerage Accounts

Certificate of Deposit

Variable Annuity


Disability Income Insurance

Life Insurance

Guaranteed Life Insurance

Long-Term-Care Insurance

Fixed & Indexed Annuities

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medigap Plans

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