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What Baby Step Are You On?

Regardless of where you are on your financial journey, you can always use help! Dave Ramsey and his team have built an amazing program to help countless people take control of their money. These are the exact people that we want to work with! Along your journey you will have questions like: should I be investing, am I in the right funds, how much life insurance do I need, and should I be investing in Roth or not?

That's what your SmartVestor Pro is for! 

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Connor Bauserman, ChFC<strong><sup>&#174;</sup></strong>

Connor Bauserman, ChFC®

When I attended high school I really wanted to become a teacher. So, I went around to about 7 different teachers in my school that I knew personally and asked them if they would recommend becoming a teacher. Not one teacher told me it was worth it. Feeling discouraged, I decided to study finance in college. I figured there was always a need for financial analysts/accountants and it was a safe career path.

The summer after my freshman year of college I picked up a Financial Peace University kit at a garage sale for $5. Yes, I remember what I paid! I went through the program and started to use envelopes, created a budget, and started my financial walk that summer. That kit pushed me to combine my skills with numbers and my love for teaching.

That is why I became a financial advisor!

More About Connor

More About Connor

Connor lives in his hometown of Battle Creek, Michigan. Connor attended Olivet College and graduated with his BA in both Financial Planning, and Insurance & Risk Management. He married his high school sweetheart, Nicole, and they have two kids: Isaiah and Aubree. Outside the office you will find Connor working on home projects, spending time with his family, golfing at Binder Park, and watching Michigan football. Connor also volunteers at North Ave Church of God with media and technology. Want to know more about Connor? Click on his Bio below!

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